Girly boxing - not for evil!

So, The Girl came back from boxing (she’s moved up a group and is doing very well apparently) and we were having a hug as I hadn’t seen her since this morning:

Me:  So, how was school today?

TG:  It was fine

Me:  Just fine?

TG:  Well, my friends were very annoying

Me:  Why?  What were they doing?

TG:  They kept singing Katy Perry, ‘Firework’ over and over and over again until it got to the point where I thought “If one of them sings it again, I am going to punch them on the nose!”

Me:  Hey, you’re not allowed to use your boxing prowess for evil

TG:  I wouldn’t be using it for evil, I’d be using it for ‘getting rid of annoyingness’.

Me:  Shall I put Katy Perry on then?

TG:  Don’t you dare!  You CAN put Adele on though, if you want…