You Are Next

I feel a little ungrateful as I received this book as I ‘won’ a free giveaway on and was very excited as it isn’t published until 17th Feb, and I do like a good trashy crime-thriller, catchy-killer book…but this one just didn’t live up to expectations.

Karin Schaeffer was a cop – happily married with a 3 yera old daughter, she had everything going for her – until she caught a serial killer.  Martin Price (or JPP to her – Just Plain Psycho) managed to escape, and considering his thing was to kill families, there are no surprises as to how he took his revenge.  And he left a message written in her daughter’s blood:  “YOU ARE NEXT”.

So, Karin has lost her husband, daughter and has left her job and her home and when she hears that JPP has escaped prison again, she knows he is coming for her and she can’t wait.

This was SO formulaic.  Nothing at all surprised me, there were no unexpected twists or turns in the story – everything was really obvious.

Also, the idea that he was called ‘The Domino Killer’ because he left dominoes as numerical clues as to who would be next seemed so far-fetched.  The numbers were in no particular order, and could be anything from a building they go to or part of a social security number.  They just seemed completely superfluous to the story – I know it’s nice to have your serial killer have a gimick, but it felt it was really grasping at straws.

I didn’t even feel sorry for the main character.  Somone who had lost everything, and so violently, and yet she seemed so one-dimensional that I didn’t really care what happened to her.

And the final scenes were just so disappointingly obvious.  It’s a shame – the promise was there, the ideas were good, it just felt not very thought through.  Badly executed – but very easy to get through quickly!