William Walker's First Year Of Marriage

William Walker is a not very goood journo, and lives in Finsbury Park with his (now) wife Isabel – the girl of his dreams.  We join him as he wakes up the day after his wedding, counting his blessings.

However, Will’s first year of marriage isn’t quite what he was expecting.  This is mainly due to his own ineptness, or the input of his wife’s too-close-for-comfort best friend Alex or the trampy Saskia who wrecked his last relationship.

This is another book that I picked up free for Kindle on Amazon, and it really does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s ‘dick-lit’ as I call it – the same as ‘chick-lit’ but written by a bloke!

VERY easy to read as it is written rather Bridget Jones style in the form of a diary, it wasn’t the deepest, cleverest book I’ve read, but there were some genuinely laugh out loud moments.  and there were a few bits that I read out to The Man so that he could join in my laughter.

I particularly enjoyed his step-by-step guide to descent back to bachelorhood when Isabel went away for the weekend, his baiting of the anger management lady and the mad next door neighbour.

Very enjoyable.