york and albany, camden

The York & Albany restaurant area

For Christmas , me and a couple of my mates decided that we wouldn’t buy each other presents, but go our for a nice meal in January.  So, we chose to go to York & Albany, as none of us had been, and we’d heard good things about it.

It was a good chance to take advantage of their ‘Early Supper’ menu too – which is available 6-7pm and is £18 for 2 courses or £21 for 3.  I thought it was a pretty good deal, considering.

I only realised afterwards that both of my mates chose exactly the same three courses, whereas I had something completely different!

I had:
Chicken liver and foie gras parfait, quince chutney
Parmesan gnocchi, field mushrooms cream, truffle butter sauce
Vanilla cream, rhubarb infused with gin and juniper, ginger ice-cream

They had:
Smoked haddock and horseradish scotch eggs, tartare sauce
Braised pigs cheeks, confit shoulder, kohlrabi purée, red wine shallots
Dark chocolate ganache, caramelised bananas, honeycomb

My starter was absolutely gorgeous – the chicken liver & foie gras parfait was rich but light and the quice chutney was beautifully spiced and a perfect accompaniment.  Gnocchi is one of those things that when it os done right, it is a thing of beauty, but when it’s wrong, it’s just bearable.  This was luckily the former, with a selection of different mushrooms, and a sauce of some sort that I couldn’t really place but was totally yummy.  And my dessert was fresh, the vanilla cream a perfect boob-wobble, the rhubarb sharp but not bitter and the ginger ice-cream to die for!

In contrast, one of my mates complained that while his starter was yummy, it was rather on the small side, his main wa snice, but both of them needed to order a side (tenderstem broccoli with orange and honeyed parsnips – the parsnips were gorgeous!), which added to the bill, and that the dessert was disappointing – it was literally a quinelle of chocolate ganache, bananas and honeycomb.  The ganache was REALLY rich.  The honeycomb was yummy!  He felt that considering it’s a ‘Ramsay’, it didn’t seem anything that special.

I, however, had a lovely time and thought it was well worth it 🙂  I loved the atmosphere – it was pleasant without being pretentious, and the service was impeccable without being over-bearing.  I thoroughly recommend it!


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