my 2011 so far

And a Happy New Year to you all!

I was lucky to be able to see 2011 in with some great people.  We thought that we were going to have The Girl, but almost at the last minute, her grandparents decided to have her for the night (but dropping her back at 10am – not ideal!).  However, it meant that we could go out- but where to go?!

I had been asked to a party about 2 months previously, which I’d said I woulnd’t be able to go to.  We also had the option of going to our local (we’ve been for New Year a few times – it’s usually a good night, and we know loads of people there).  and The Man’s mate had asked us to some other place an’ all – but we hadn’t heard from him again, so we kind of wrote that one off.

In the end, The Man went to the pub, and I went my mate’s party (much to the very obvious delight of another couple of my mates who had no idea I was going – I felt very wanted!)…and then The Man came over at about 11.20 so we could see the New Year in together.

And he was the only straight man at the party – and a total hit, much to my surprise and amusement 🙂

We got The Girl back at 10am as arranged (not great when we didn’t get home til gone 5am), and while The Man slept off his New year extremeties, the two of us snuggled on the sofa and watched Bee Movie & Wall.E.  We ordered chinese, which seems to be a NYD tradition and generally just vegged out.

Yesterday, I had to take some boots back to exchange, and accidentally ended up in Game and came away with a Kinect, which was a huge surprise to me, and an even huger one to them when I got home.  All ideas of going to the pictures went out the window while we jumped around like total spactards.  Even my parents came round and had a play – which was most amusing.

I also did housework.  Yuck.

Last night, I was achey, wheezey and coughy, and therefore slept like crap and ended up getting up at 4am this morning and watching Series 6 of Peep Show and that Zen thing from Sunday – which was pretty good actually – I hadn’t read any of the books, but have downloaded one of them for a quid now.

When The Man got up at 10am, I went back to bed and only woke up about an hour ago.  And have done more housework.  more yuck.

I have also been mostly playing with mflow (add me – I’m EastEndLass) and (the same!).  I am determined to go to more gigs this year and am gutted at the moment because I have ‘discovered’ Twin Shadow and got really excited when i found out he’s doing a gig in Islington on 25th Jan…but it’s sold out – BOO!!!

i have also been trying to find time to read Mister Roberts as it’s the Book Club read, and we’re meeting on Wednesday!  I think I’m halfway through and it IS very good – I just need to read more!

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m actually looking forward to getting back to normality.

Hope you’ve all had good 2011’s so far 🙂 xx


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