highlights of 2010

It's 2010 now, 2011 tomorrow 🙂

I realise that my 2010 has been quite stressful – there’s been money problems, problems with the flat that have been unfixable due to the aforementioned money problems, and then child problems when The Man got a job.  I’ve also had quite a few health issues which have been annoying at the very least – and not something that I’ve particularly wanted to go into on here.

However, it’s only when I’ve sat down and THOUGHT about 2010 that I’ve realised just how difficult it’s been, LOL.  I obviously tend to try to exist in a little bubble of contentedness 🙂

Still, I’ve had some lovely moments in 2010 – most of them music-based.  The noteable ones (off the top of my head) have been:

  • Listening to Caribou playing ‘Sun’, wrapped in The Man’s arms at Field Day as the sun went down
  • Waving The Girl off in her new uniform for her first day at ‘Big School’
  • Sitting giggling and drinking too much wine with my parents – the first time my dad’s been able to drink properly since he was ill
  • Joining the London Bloggers meetup and meeting @mr_omneo @pantomimehorse @Get_Lippie @adonisdemon @geekcomputers @jonchoo amongst many many others
  • 6Fest with my mate – especially the choons spun by Craig Charles in his Funk & Soul session and the hilarious Adam Buxton
  • Being part of Superswarm
  • Work – it’s been fab.  especially working with an old colleague again
  • Meeting the lovely @MarcusJDL@Goronwy66@EssGee91 and @SteveBob79
  • My work project launching at a conference – and being well-received by the sector 🙂
  • My uncle being over the moon when I managed to get the refils for his posh pen that he hadn’t been able to get for 3 years!
  • Discovering Beth Jeans Houghton at Field Day, and then seeing her again at 6Fest
  • My mate’s wedding in Salisbury
  • Eating springbok for the first time and discovering it’s gorgeous!
  • Chemical Brothers at Roundhouse – and not being able to hear a thing the next day
  • Seeing two of my mates in theatre productions – and they were both REALLY good!
  • My lovely mate’s 40th birthday party – moscow mules ruled the roost!
  • Being taken to the new Hakkasan in Mayfair
  • Technology – my V+ box, my Kindle, my Xperia X10 and my Roberts Colourstream that I got for Christmas – amazing!!
  • Paloma Faith singing “I need your lovin’…like the sunshine” just as the sun split through the cloud and flooded her in beams at Lovebox (she thanked the sun for that moment!)
  • 6Music being saved
  • The Girl’s birthday – she wanted to spend the day with me at Southend, and we had a fantastic girlie day together
  • Accepting that this is now the longest relationship I have ever had, and that I am dead lucky to be so in love with someone who is so in love with me – and feeling very bloody smug about what we’ve got
  • Chocolate afternoon tea at Claridges for my mate’s 40th – and the pianist playing Happy Birthday for her
  • Having a great evening with three of our mates that we hadn’t seen for ages – fantastic night at the pub two of them used to run, including shots, jaegerbombs and really crap fireworks!
  • Being able to help my mate finally legally adopt her nephew (who she has raised as her son since birth 6 years ago) – although I was dead scared of the process and saying the wrong thing, it all went well and she was so grateful 🙂
  • Blogging – I’ve loved doing my book reviews (especially enjoyed Warm Bodies, World War Z and Omen Ra) and foreign films (especially enjoyed Ridicule, The Wave and Timecrimes)
  • The cat surviving another year!

A lot of those are things that I have blogged about, but can’t be arsed to link.

So, that has in main been my 2010.

I love the New Year.  I still love the fact that it’s new, shiny and unblemished – that at the moment it has the potential to be whatever I want it to be.  So, tomorrow I will be thinking about what I want to do with 2011.  The only thing that appears to be on the horizon is the fact that in my Christmas card, The Man said that I AM going to marry him.  Apparently, it turns out I don’t actually have any say in this.

We shall see…


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