wish – alexandra bullen


When I finished Black Magic Sanction, I had a quick look at what else I’d loaded onto my Kindle, and saw this, so started reading it.

A few pages in, I realised I’d actually downloaded this free ebook for The Girl, but as I was feeling ill, I thought “What the hell?!” and carried on reading.

It’s actually quite a sweet concept.  A teenage girl (Olivia – about 17 I think) and her paremts have just moved to San Francisco following the sudden death of her twin sister Violet.  They are all finding it hard to adjust to their new lives, and one day Olivia goes into this little tailors, and ends up with a beautiful, magical dress.  She discovers that the dress has the power to make a wish come true, and wishes that Violet was back.

Violet’s ghost returns but can only interact with Olivia herself.  they then find that Olivia is able to have two more dresses and two more wishes.

It’s a lovely teenage girl book, about friendship, acceptance, family, dealing with grief, adjusting to changes and boys.

I think The Girl will love it – I certainly enjoyed it.


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