the snowman – jo nesbo

The Snowman

I had this in my bookcase for ages, but kept getting put off of reading it by the huge ‘The Next Stieg Larsson’ sticker that was rather prominent on it.  I don’t have anything against Stieg Larsson, but it seems rather ‘cashing-in’ on the fact that the Millennium trilogy has been so popular.

I’m glad that I HAVE finally got around to reading it though – it was a very good read.

And I’m not really sure what the similarities are to Stieg Larsson, apart from the fact that it’s a Scandinavian thriller – and perhaps the huge cast of characters with similar-sounding names that made it a little difficult to follow in places.

We’re in Oslo, with detective Harry Hole, a recovering alcoholic (aren’t they always alcoholics?), known as being the only detective in Norway to have ever caught a serial killer – even though that wasn’t in Norway.  I think you can kind of guess what’s going to happen!

Women have disappeared over 20 years apart, and there is nothing that appears to link them – however, Harry is now on the case, and seems to be putting all the pieces together to the puzzle – aided by the fact that the killer appears to have written to Harry, calling themself The Snowman.

Three or four times, I had decided that I definitely knew who the killer was, only to have my confidence thrown into doubt a few pages later.

Although not as well written as Larsson, it was easier to read, not quite as ‘high-brow’ – it does what it says on the tin…or cover.  It’s a fast-paced crime thriller and when you find out whodunnit, the climax is very satisfactory.  I can see it being made into a very gripping film 🙂


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