The glorious Miranda in 'Miranda', what else?! 🙂

Last night I had a rather vivid dream.

I dreamt that the wonderful Miranda Hart moved in next door (although I didn’t appear to be living here, so I don’t know where it was!)

She had a nice husband (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t) and had two little boys, a baby girl and was pregnant (I’m pretty sure none of that is true too!)

Over time, we became closer and closer friends and eventually realised that we’d fallen in love.  I remember I started doing asides to the camera, and I also remember being in a restaurant with my mum and another friend and going through my digital camera showing them loads of photos of Miranda.

The problem was, that the main reason that Miranda fell for me apparently was because I was able to do Rob Brydon’s ‘Small man in a box’ vocal trick.  Which I can’t.  So it will never be true.  *sigh*

I have no idea why I dreamt of her – I know she presented Have I Got News For You last night,  but we recorded it, so wont be watching it til tonight.

At least typing up this dream was easier than when I dreamt I was Mrs Serafinowicz!