kids are stupid

One detention you would NOT want to attend!

I am no longer in any doubt of this fact.  Well, obviously I can only really vouch for MY kid, but I’m sure it’s not unusual.

On Saturday, I got a letter from the school informing me that my daughter has a detention (today) after school due to her forgetting to bring her planner to school.  I was also told that I need to make sure that I am aware of what my daughter is up to etc etc (probably worded far better, but the school is pretty strict, so perhaps not!)

So, when The Girl got back from her dad’s on Saturday, I asked her:

Me:  Did anything happen at school this week that I should know about?
TG *confused look*:  No
Me:  Are you sure?
TG:  Yes
Me:  So, you haven’t got a detention on Wednesday night?
TG:  No
Me:  So, what’s that letter about?
TG reads the letter:  Ohhhh, yes, I have
Me:  So, why did you say no?
TG:  I forgot
Me:  And me asking specifically “Do you have a detention on Wednesday night?” didn’t jog your memory??!!
TG *evil look*

But that’s not the worst of it.  in the letter, it says that if she misses today’s one hour detention, then she gets a 1.5 hour detention with the headmistress on Friday.

This morning:

Me:  Don’t forget you’ve got your detention after school
TG:  I know, I wont forget!!
*carries on getting ready*
TG:  Mu-um – is my detention one hour or one and a half?
Me:  Shouldn’t YOU know that?
TG:  Well, I thought it was one, but the letter says one and a half
Me:  No, it says if you forget to go then it’s one and a half
TG:  So, it;s just one hour then?
Me:  Have you forgotten to go?
TG:  Well, only once
Me:  What?  What do you mean you forgot once?!
TG:  I was supposed to go last Wednesday, but I forgot, which is why I have to go tonight, but I just wanted to make sure that it was just for an hour
Me:  you were meant to go on Wednesday?!?!  I didn’t know that
TG:  I know
Me:  Why did you tell me then!?!?  If you’d gone last Wednesday, the school wouldn’t have written me a letter and I probably would have never known you HAD a detention.  And if you hadn’t told me just now about the original detention then I wouldn’t have known about THAT!  Why do you keep telling me things!  THINK!
TG:  Ohhhh…

Why can’t she be underhand like *I* was at her age…when I wasn’t being an angel of course!


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