je vous trouve tres beau – france (2006)

Je vous trouve tres beau

‘Je vous trouve tres beau’ translates as ‘You are so beautiful/handsome’.

I loved this film – it was so harmless.  It was also extremely predictable, but then when you’re in the mood for this kind of light, charming romance, then predictable is exactly what you want.  I’d actually have felt quite cheated if it hadn’t ended the way that I wanted it to.

Aymé is a middle-aged rural farmer whose wife dies suddenly, and is given the idea of finidng a new wife through a ‘relationship agency’.  Once the agency discover he has no interests, hobbies, no friends as such, asnd just wants someone who is willing to work the farm with him, they suggets he may have more luck trying to find a wife in Romania, where the girls would apparently do anything to bag themselves a French husband (no matter how short, bald and boring they are!).

He discovers Elena, and brings her back to the farm.

There are some lovely gentle comic moments with his family/friends and there are some brilliant performances by the main cast.  However, I don’t think the film shows Romania or its girls in a particularly good light – but that is beside the point.

I thoroughly enjoyed it – it does what it says on the tin.

My rating – 7/10

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