The Road To Bedlam

This is Part 2 in the series, following Sixty-One Nails.

Blackbird is heavily pregnant, and Niall is in training to become a Warder when they get word that Alex (Niall’s daughter) has been involved in an accident at her school, and exposed to some form of biological contamination which has killed three of her fellow students.

Things aren’t quite as they seem though, and Alex has in fact come into her Fey powers that she has inherited from Niall.

I felt that there were a couple too many side-stories to this book, which was a shame, as the main story gripped me completely.  Actually, I was SO caught up in the climax to the main story (which kind of reminded me of Firestarter – which is a good thing!), that I even missed my stop on the Tube.

I am just hoping that there will be  abook three now!  On Mike Shevdon’s website he says:

A. My initial contract with Angry Robot Books was for two books, which is pretty standard for a new author.  We are in discussions about further books at the moment, but there will almost certainly be a book three.

I am not sure that I am altogether happy with the wishywashiness of ‘…almost certainly…’ – I demand a third book!