pheeling phat

Great atmosphere, great music, dancing all night...what's not to love!

Well, there is no other way to put it – Leftfield totally ripped the place apart last night.  The gig was just absolutely awesome.

And although I saw Chemical Brothers at the Roundhouse earlier this year, and saw the Jim Jones Revue at 6Fest (who are so well known for being loud that there is an iPhone app to test whether the band you are watching is louder than the Jim Jones Revue) I can honestly honestly say that I have never been to a gig where the bassline swere SO strong, so rumbly.  there were parts of the night were I could feel the hair on the back of my head being blasted backwards – I could FEEL the muic in my throat.

Just to give you an idea, here is a clip that I have found from last night of Phat Planet, perhaps Leftfield’s best-known tune (thanks to a certain black velvet alcoholic beverage).  It all kicks in at about 2:28 – notice the difference?!?!

It always amuses me when I see dance/electro bands that have been around for a long time (can you believe it is 15 years since Leftism was released?!) as they are usually a bit geeky and by this stage in their career, they all generally just look like an aging uncle who still has a modicum of cool – and it’s brilliant because they can totally totally make an audience of thousands go completely bonkers and dance their hearts out!

They played loads of their oldies and a whole load of stuff that I hadn’t actually heard before (which doesn’t necessary mean it was new, just that I hadn’t heard it!).

The crowd was a huge eclectic range made up of all shapes, sizes and ages, the graphics were brilliant, but in no way near as good as the Chems this year and it was a brilliant (although late) night (they didn’t finish til about 1.45am).  I danced for about 3 hours solid (the DJ beforehand was brilliant an’ all) and just felt elated.

Well done Leftfield!

And for those who think “I’ve never heard of Leftfield, but I kind of recognise the music in that clip”, you may be slightly more at ease with this version.


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