a near miss

Mantyhose - apparently guys could face the same problem. But just a note boys...if you're considering mantyhose, just don't!!

No, I am NOT going to do a post about ‘you-know-what’ (the dreaded four letter ‘s’ word).

However, because of that stuff, today I wore tights under my trousers to give me an extra layer of insulation.

I kind of forgot that when I went to the loo though – it’s amazing how you go on autopilot when you do these things.  My brain was going “Trousers, check, knickers, check…” except #2 was NOT knickers…it was tights!  And I SAT DOWN!!!!

Luckily I realised JUST before the crucial moment.  I was lucky.  Let this be a warning.


10 thoughts on “a near miss

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  1. You know that advert with the couple dancing, I forget what it’s for, I find that disturbing as he’s wearing long white socks, but could it actually be tights!

  2. Hey, why not give the mantyhose just a bit more of a fair chance before dismissing out of hand. Not every guy who’s wearing them is out to make the kind of fashion statement the patterned tights shown above–some of us are just regular guys wearing them for a variety of practical reasons. I’d point you to my blog, The Nylon Gene (http://www.nylongene.com) for more balance to your opinions. There, you can find everything from media stories on the growing ‘mantyhose’ trend, or some articles that weigh them out against some of the media stereotypes that are propagated over and over.

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