i want to do nothing

I guess it's not quite this bad for The Man...yet 😉

I seem to have been having quite a busy time recently, and I’m not quite sure how that happened.

On Friday, as The Man was going back to Middlesbrough for the weekend, I had to arrange to get The Girl over to Chigwell Row for her night-time ‘Woodland Walk’ with the Guides.  Yes, in this weather, someone thought it would be a good idea to get about 40 small girls together and tell scary stories and scream and giggle for a couple of hours.

Luckily the guide camp is about 10 minutes walk from my parents…(quick aside story:  when *I* was in Brownies, I remember getting totally and utterly over-excited because we were going on a camping trip when I was about 9 or 10.  I remember trying to pack my sleeping bag, mat etc and then the complete disappointment I felt when I realised that it was this same Camp Site.  The one I used to walk past near enough every day!)

So, me and The Girl spent the night at my parents.  I hadn’t seen much of them for ages, and haven’t slept there for a very long time.  however, sharing a bed with The Girl, although warm was not great with my insomnia.  she tends to twitch,  you can’t see it, but when you’re in bed with her, you can feel it.  it was really creepy. Strange creature that she is.

So, Saturday we spent some more time with my parents, and then came home and had a bit of a housework blitz (with no boy to ruin it), ordered pizza (to annoy The Man as it’s his fave, and he was hating being in Boro and just wanted to be home).  i felt exhausted and had called off my mate coming down (sorry Jo) and then had to turn down my other mate who rang me to see if he could come round.  it was only about 6.30pm but I was already in my PJs under the duvet watching crap TV!

On Sunday, me & The Girl got on the bus and went off to watch Megamind 3D – which was actually really good.  I can’t decide which I prefer out of that and Despicable Me!  When we got back, The Man had got home (with snow still on the roof of the car from Boro!) and we were really happy to have him back 🙂

Monday night, was the E17 Book Club at The Nags Head, where we talked about The Corrections – really nice as we drank mulled wine in front of the roaring open fire.

Last night was the Walthamstow Library Reading Group, and we actually went to the pub and bought a coupel of bottles of wine as our ‘pre-Xmas drinks’ and discussed Fasting, Feasting.

Tonight i’m out to see a show with my friend, and then I get a night off (hopefully for good behaviour) and then friday night I’m off to Brixton Academy to see Leftfield.

I feel worn out already!


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