Love Me If You Dare

This is an absolute gem of a film – not like anything I have ever watched before.

In typical French style, it’s all about l’amour – but really it’s a dark comedy.

Julien and Sophie have been friends since they were about 8 years old, when Sophie was being bullied, and Julien stepped in and tried to cheer her up, offering her a musical box that his dying mother had given him.  however, he suddenly realised how important the box was to him and said she could ‘borrow’ it and had to give it back.  She points out this is hardly fair as he had originally given it as a gift, and so forces him ‘earn’ it back by making him complete dares.

This is how their lives continue – they get kicks out of daring each other and over the years that follow, the dares get more and more extravagant, and more and more dangerous.

This is a brilliant film – it’s completely unreal, total escapism, but beautifully shot, beautifully acted (if a wonderfully. slightly unhinged performance from Marion Cotillard in places) and just totally unique!  Loved it 🙂

My rating – 8.5/10