Lourdes is a small town in the Pyrenees where the Virgin Mary is claimed to have appeared to St Bernadette on several occasions, therefore giving many Roman Catholics reason to visit on a pilgrimage – many hoping for miracles.  I think millions travel there every season.

This film follows the pilgrimage of wheelchair-bound Christine who has Multiple Sclerosis and has been on many group pilgrimages.

Action-packed, it is not.  I was disappointed in the lack of wheelchair races down the mountains – I think they missed a trick there.

It’s just a gentle, compelling film that brings rise to the question “Who really deserves a miracle?”.  Perhaps for those more religous than myself it would provoke a lot of soul-searching.  Perhaps for those who believe in miracles it would raise a lot of questions in the power of belief.

However, for me, it passed a Saturday afternoon on call harmlessly enough – although it has given me the need to put on a blood-thirsty killing-spree type film next!  (Watch this space for that review!)

My rating:  6.5/10