Pretty Monsters

I am not a lover of short stories.  It’s odd really as I love short films, but short stories just don’t do it for me.  however, a friend loaned me this book, so I thought i’d give it a bash.

To be honest, I probably shouldn’t have – I didn’t really enjoy it at all.

There were 10 stories, all written by the same author (this was a special edition with a new story in it – there are versions of the book with just 9 stories).

I am all for surreal, I really am – I positively thrive on surreal, but this was almost like being surreal just for the sake of it.  the majority of the stories made no sense, and by and large seemed to come to no natural conclusion.  There was only one story that I had guessed the ending to (The Wizards of Perfil), and that one was kind of OK.  There was one quite long story (Magic for Beginners) that annoyed the hell out of me, it was just TOO weird, and too unexplained.

The stories seemed to just stop, almost in the middle of something, or just when it seemed like it was going to get interesting.  Weird.  Just too weird.  I wouldn’t recommend, unless you are a big short story lover.