Ok - maybe I'm exaggerating my crapness!

I was mortified last night, when we had to go and pick our eleven year old daughter up from the pub.

OK – so it isn’t quite as dramatic as that, but I crave the drama 🙂

When The Girl started walking home from school herself, and being at home for a couple of hours before we got in, I had a panic about “What should she do if she loses/forgets her keys?!”

This is London, you know.  This is ‘The City’.  The majority of people are working all day (same as me & The Man) – the only neighbours I know certainly are.  So…I told her in case of an emergency to go to the pub (where they know us) and ask to ring us, and then at least she wouldn’t be hanging around on the doorstep in the dark and cold and it’s still a public place and less than a minute walk from our place.

So, last night, I was just leaving work when I got a call from one of the owners of the pub telling me she was there.  I was horrified!  I was so so embarrassed.  As I would still take an hour to get home, I rang The Man to tell him to be as quick as he could – and he was in a meeting and didn’t answer…so I ended up getting rather frantic.

He ended up getting there 5 minutes before I would have done – which meant that he actually had to go and apologise etc.

I wouldn’t mind, but I had checked that she had her keys in the morning, as I do EVERY morning, and it was only because she had done something she had been expressly told not to do that she’d ended up getting locked out.  she’d gone to the shop to buy sweets that she wasn’t allowed, and forgotten her keys – which made it even worse!!  (And she lied a few times before I finally got the truth out of her – she doesn’t realise I have been a child, and I was a far better liar than she is!)

I am now going to have to think of somewhere other than the pub as a potential bolthole…the library perhaps.

I was SO annoyed with her that I made her go to bed straight away at 6.30 with no dinner.  For real.  For the first time ever!

Took me ages to calm down after that.  But this morning, we made up and she was VERY apologetic.