warm bodies – isaac marion

Warm Bodies

Oh.  My.  God.

I loved this book.  I absolutely loved it to pieces.  At only about 250 pages, it’s a short book and therefore only took me a  total of a few hours to read – but it seemed to pass far too quickly.

I will warn you, there may be spoilers below, but if you’ve read any other reviews, then I don’t think I can spoil that much for you!

The story is told from R’s point of view.  R is a zombie.  He knows that he used to have a name, but all he can remember of it is that it started with ‘R’.  As zombies go, he’s not too bad looking  he’s not rotting yet, he’s got all his flesh, has a nice suit on and is just a bit pale and grey.

The world has been near enough taken over by zombies, and the Living are existing in makeshift cities fighting against the ever-increasing numbers of the Dead.  We have no idea how long the world has been this way, but it has been many years at least.

We follow R going about his ‘life’ (or should that be ‘death’), until the day he encounters Julie, a Living woman, who he has an over-whelming desire to save.

Their story takes us to the zombie Hive, to ‘the Stadium’ where Julie lives, and explores the differences between them, and, in fact the similarities.

Put all the gore, groaning and brain-eating aside and this is simply Romeo & Juliet in a fantastic contemporary setting. (R=Romeo, Julie=Juliet, R’s best ‘friend’ zombie is ‘M’=Mercutio, Julie’s ex–boyfriend Perry=Paris, her best friend Nora=’Nurse’?).

I never thought I would ever sympathise with a zombie, but R is a fantastic character, and the story, although relatively short, really allows him to develop and eke his way into your affections.

I think everyone should read this.  I guess it will appeal to girls more, considering it IS just a gory R&J, but I’d hope the fact that it’s zombies might appeal to boys too.  Love it!!


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  1. I live in New Zealand where the book has just been released.I loved this book and have read it twice.I am very happy to hear Summit is making into a movie.This is a real love story it is not hard to care for beautofull flawless vampire but to really care for a zombie chracter very well written!

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