let me in (and other films)

Let Me In

Yesterday, I went and saw a horror film at the cinema – at 1pm…which felt slightly odd, but in a guilty pleasure kind of way.

After my review of Let The Right One In, I thought I’d go and see the Hollywood remake to see what they’d done to it.

It actually wasn’t too bad.

Oskar and Eli had been replaced by Owen and Abby.  I wasn’t sure whether Abby was the best name for the vampire, as it is very definitely a girl’s name, whereas I think Eli as a name was a bit more androgynous – as was the girl in the orginal film.  There were parts where Abby could have passed as a boy, but she didn’t have the presence of the girl who played Eli.  in the original, Eli appeared very frail – thin, pale and seemingly in need of protection  whereas Abby, although often pale, didn’t look frail at all.  And there seemed no menace in her.

Owen on the other hand, was pretty good.  Obviously very geeky and an obvious outcast at school.

It was odd how they seemed to have recreated the climbing frame outside the apartments almost exactly – it was uncannily similar (from my memory).

The scene that I never liked in the original (the cats) isn’t used in the remake, which could only be a good thing – but I think that meant that the remake didn’t fully explore the secondary characters and their input to the story, so the whole thing felt a little less real.

The remake also seemed to CGI Abby’s killings which I really really didn’t like.  There was no need for it.

However, it was pretty well acted, and pretty true to the original, and the swimming-pool scene was still brilliantly done.  I’d probably give it 7/10, but I can admit that if I hadn’t seen the original, I’d probably be more likely to give it an 8!

When I came home, we decided to have a flim night, and watch all three that we had from Blockbuster in one go.  That included The Losers, which was good comic fun, although each main character seemed like a cheap version of a bigger star (eg, Jeffery Dean Morgan = Robert Downey Jr, Óscar Jaenada = Johnny Depp).  It was definitely entertaining though!

We then watched The Man’s choice – The Good German, which even he admitted was an absolute pile of shite.  i have no idea why that film needed to be made.  it was awful and I nearly died of boredom.  I would have rather gone to see the second half of Follies!

So, then we watched Perrier’s Bounty, which was brilliant, and made us forget the awfulness of The Good German.  Cillian Murphy plays a bit of a loser who gets entangled through circumstance into escalating danger and violence.  Jim Broadbent is fantastic as his off-the-wall dad who believes he is going to die the next time he goes to sleep.

There are some brilliant comic moments, and the ever wonderful Brendan Gleeson is a joy to behold!

It’s not for the faint-hearted – there is a lot of blood and violence…but, well, I like that kind of thing 🙂


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