I am a very lucky girl really.  I am very much in love (Still.  After a lot longer than I thought it would last.)  And I am apparently meant to be very pleased that The Man loves me loads and can’t keep away from me (yeah, apparently this is a good thing).

Anyway, this causes me all sorts of problems as he insists on kissing me, and yet he doesn’t appear to enjoy shaving very often, so I end up being poked and prodded and generally rashed by his horrible pokey, proddy, scratchy stubble!  yuck!!  I hate it!

So, this morning, I came up with the ingenious idea of the StubbleMuff™ and promptly went into the time-consuming artistically-demanding effort of coming up with a design.

As gloriously modelled by Jack from Lost below, the StubbleMuff™ will be made from lightly padded cotton, which will hook tightly over the ears with elasticated loops, with an elasticated border keeping it in place under the chin.  A little like a surgeon’s mask, but not covering the nose, and with a mouth hole cut out, so that proper snogs can take place!

The StubbleMuff™ could come in a range of colours, or even have special pictures on them – perhaps even ones that replicate a clean-shaven face (which I would mock-up in Photoshop if I wasn’t on my laptop!)

I would patent it, but I’m rather lazy.  So go, run with the idea…just give me a credit 😉

Cute, but not for an extended-snogging sesh
Ahhh, that's better Jack. now gimme your tongue!