Mood swings - an absolute joy!

I have apparently lost my “How to cope when your previously lovely daughter turns into a tweenage nightmare” Manual.

The past couple of weeks have been sheer hell for all three of us.  My sweet little darling has turned into a lying, argumentative little bint with a huge mouth, and even huger attitude.

I used to be shit-scared of my mum.  She never hit me or anything (that was my dad…) but even the thought of upsetting or disappointing her kept me in check the majority of ther time.  And I expect that fear from the Girl.  but I don’t get it at all.  She isn’t scared of me one jot.  She appears to be scared of nothing.  good for when she’s older, but not as a child – and especially not as my daughter!

The constant lying is shocking.  I can’t believe that she really thinks she can get away with all the things she lies about – that we are ever going to really believe her.

Every day is a battlefield, and I don’t know where it’s sprung from.  she’s only 11 FFS!  I think I preferred it when she didn’t have any friends, if this is the kind of influence they are.

Of course, she’s lovely at school, and lovely for everyone else, so noone would believe what a little bitch she can be.  And dealing with all this on top of insomnia is really wearing me down.

And worse of all – it’s half term next week.  I have 3 days off with her (she’s spending the rest with her grandparents) and I am dreading it!  Which isn’t right, is it?  i had a list of things that we could possibly do, and yet I don’t wantto do anything with her, as why should she get ‘treats’ for being so bloody awful!?!?

I know that it’s probably hormones – but it’s one thig knowing what it probably is and trying to allow for it, and another thing actually trying to live with it every day.

I wish she was 8 again.  8 was a good age.  I quite enjoyed 8.