despicable me


Just earless Rabbids?

This is the second time I have gone to the cinema in the past couple of months – which is far more than I have for ages.  When you’re a single income family, the cinema is a VERY expensive use of a couple of hours.

Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice for all three of us to go and see Despicable Me – mainly because I had seen a couple of clips of the Minions and thought they were cute.  And they were really funny – although a complete rip-off of the Ravin’ Rabbids.  They really are just the rabbids without ears, aren’t they – especially the way they speak?

Gru is an evil genius villain who isn’t really very good at being evil – his main achievements so far having been stealing the Times Square Jumbotron and the Statue of Liberty…Vegas replica.  He lives in a monstrous house in anotherwise normal suburban neighbourhood, which conceals a subterranean evil genius lair – home to his lab assistant (voiced surprisingly by a less-than-flamboyant Russell Brand) and hundreds of ‘Minions’ who provide most of the comedy of the film.


Long-eared Minions?

The Bank of Evil (Formerly Lehman Brothers – which raised a few chuckles with the adult members of the audience) are refusing to grant him a loan as he is a bit of a has-been…UNLESS he can steal a certain device he needs for his grand plan.

The Girl loved the film, and laughed out loud quite a lot.  The Man was even suitably amused – although he said it wasn’t as good as Monsters Vs Aliens.  And the 3D was just right – not too much just for effect…although the end part in the credits was very clever when the Minions were trying to see how far out of the screen they could get.  The part where they got a plunger was SO Rabbids though, that it just confirmed our rip-off suspicions!

At least we have our 3D glasses now, and wont have to buy any for whatever we go to see next – what a rip off!


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