toastie dilemma


Yummy toastie goodness

There has been a difficult fact that we have been forced to accept tonight.

My trusty Breville Sandwich Toaster that I bought in about 1991 (which has served me well through 2 marriages and a bout of living-in-sin that has already lasted longer then either of them)  has finally given up the ghost.

The non-stick has unstuck, it takes an age to heat up and then takes forever to toast the toasties (tonights were cheese, ham and onion with a little worcester sauce – much yummy indeed).

So – we need to buy a new one.  Simple, yes?  But no no no no no.  This means that we need to make a decision – we now have to choose whether to stick with a classic sandwich toaster that seals the edges to that gorgeous crispiness as in the photo, OR to go for a more modern café-press style gridlly thing that is more versatile.

It is a very important decision, and one that has to be taken seriously.  The Man’s immediate reaction was “Let’s just get both!” but this isn’t practical as we live in a small London flat, with a small London kitchen – there is not the room for such extravagance!

I’m sure anyone reading this will have an opinion (which I would love to hear) and will be desperate to know what conclusion we come to – so I will be sure to come back and tell of the story’s end!


8 thoughts on “toastie dilemma

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  1. For me it would have to be the original (still got mine!). Its as much about the retro nostalgia as the yummy fillings.

    PS tuna and onion is a personal fav..

  2. When my Breville died a few years ago, I replaced it with a press style and it’s wonderful! You still get the crunch BUT you can put Ciabattas etc. in it as well.

    When I toast a normal sandwich, I press down really hard on it to make sure it’s as tight as poss to recreate the ‘breville’ experience!

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