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I IZ LIKEZ Super Swarm & Londonist


…well, that is what I think the name of the next badge up from Super Swarm on Foursquare should be.

And that is where I went last night – to the first Super Swarm event organised in the UK, for Foursquare users to get their coveted badges. I actually got my Swarm badge when I went to Field Day – and was so excited about it that I mentioned it in my blog back then. Swarm is for when you get 50+ people checked in to the same place. Superswarm is when you get 250+ and obviously takes some organising.

And very nicely organised it was too. Held at Jewel Piccadilly, not only did we get our Super Swarm badges via Foursquare and the opportunity to mingle with some lovely people new and old (new and old to me, not literally new and old…although I remember seeing a baby there, and there were a couple of fogey-looking types…) but Jewel also provided us with a free (rather cucumbery) cocktail each, which was perfectly acceptable and became decidedly nicer after a couple (find friends that don’t like the free drinks at these things and steal their tokens…) and we also got a REAL Super Swarm badge, and a badge from those lovely Londonist people who helped organise it.

I always get lost around Piccadilly Circus – I never remember which road is which, so I had walked in almost a complete circle (duh!) before I spotted the bar. I needed to fiddle with my bo0ts, so dropped my bag on the pavement and bent down and some guy walked over, grabbed my bag and said “You shouldn’t let go of your bag…” at which I sprung up and was ready to punch them. Luckily it was my mate, the gorgeous @kevplugz who I hadn’t seen since, ooo, at least Saturday πŸ˜€ and I think I maybe scared him more than he had me as I really WOULD have knocked someone out if they tried to nick my bag!

But I like being able to go into places with a bit of arm-candy, so it worked out well. We queued briefly to get in, and when I checked in on Foursquare, I got my ‘Player Please!’ badge, which is apparently when you check in with 3 members of the opposite sex…bonus!

The girl on the door asked if I was for the Super Swarm and then asked if I’d come far. “Yes, Camden” I replied, and she thanked me for making such a long journey. “I still got lost!” I told her.

It was great to see @adonisdemon and @jonchoo and FINALLY get to meet the legendary @BernieJMitchell in person! Just a shame I missed the apparently now-hippyish @dan_bowsher πŸ˜‰

As me and Lorna were by then accepting our total geekiness, we decided to gatecrash a friend’s geekfest that he’d organised that was going on at the Tattershall Castle, as that way we would also be able to get our ‘I’m on a boat!’ Foursquare badge too! (Lee/Lena/Jo, if you’re still reading by this point, yes! That IS where I had my Divorce Party back in 1998…although thinking about it, there is no way Jo would remember that…)

I had a brilliant evening, met some lovely people, had some free drinks and felt great when I came home.

AND….I slept all night, and I don’t feel like crap today. Life is sweet xxx

Photos of the event by Paul Clarke (Yes, I am in this pic somewhere!)


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  1. Quite impressed I managed to avoid the black eye… I have now learnt not to pick up handbags off of the pavement even in an attempt to be ‘funny’…

  2. When I saw your tweet last night I wondered if it was *that* place πŸ˜€ Rmember the disco there too! That was the first time you met T I think, too.

    Btw I wish you had posted about this earlier, tried to google what you were up to yesterday and it was all rather baffling – makes sense now, well only about as much sense as it needs to!

    1. Me & Lorna were laughing about the nightclub – as we were all pole-dancing as far as I can remember…even my 6’3″ cop bf at the time!

      I don’t think the nightclub is there any more…but they have a nice room downstairs now πŸ™‚

      If you have a Smartphone, you need to download foursquare πŸ˜‰

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