proud of my firsts

The wonderfully mad Adam Ant

Someone asked me that age-old question yesterday “What was the first single and album that you ever bought with your own pocket money?”

I think I’m quite lucky as I don’t view mine as cringeworthy at all – unlike many people that have told me theirs 🙂

My first album was bought when I was very young (probably about 8), and my parents had given me some money as I’d  done really well on some tests at school – so I asked to buy Kings of The Wild Frontier by Adam & The Ants.

That actually was quite fortuitous as when I was first talking to The Man online (yes, I met him online), this had also been HIS first album – so we felt a connection 🙂

As for singles, I remember my parenst being quite against 7″ singles (“what on earth are they mum?” *sigh*) when I was little as they were seen as rather an extravagance.  So, I was quite a lot older when I bought my first single myself.  My (blood) dad had bought me my own mini hifi system complete with turntable for my 12th birthday – he used to buy me guilt presents as I only ever saw him a couple of times a year.

Because I’d been bought it, and because I earned some pocket money, my parents relented and started letting me get singles – and the first one I bought was the brilliant Love & Pride by King.  I still think it’s a classic song 🙂

I’d love to know what other people’s firsts were.


4 thoughts on “proud of my firsts

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  1. So funny that you had the same! Spooky. I can’t remember first album exactly but i think it was by eternal (too bland to make lasting impression). first single was ace of base, all that she wants. Shame!

    1. All that she wants is a classic – no need to be ashamed 🙂 And yes, it was only an accident that we spoke about the album too – I’d been out to take some photos of charity shops for work, and we’d set up a new Music & entertainment store, and I’d sent him the photo of the vinyl section, and he happened to mention the fact that KOTWF was his first album as that was really prominent in the photo – and I hadn’t even noticed 🙂

  2. My first “45” was California Girls, my first “LP” was “The Beach Boys In Concert” .. yes, it was a whole theme that culminated in my first live concert, “Dick Clark presents The Beach Boys” (with Keith (98.6), The Buckinghams, and several other acts which I no longer recall)

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