I love my V+ Best investment ever!

There are a whole load of programmes that I have set on my lovely V+

I used to forever miss episodes of series due to my general forgetful nature, and various other things I’d be doing, and once I’d miss an episode, I wouldn’t bother watching the rest of the series.

But now there is quite a list of series that I record and watch religiously – some of which I am not very proud to admit!

  • Chuck
  • Dexter
  • Better Off Ted
  • Britain’s Next Top Model
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • Being Erica (although this has just finished)
  • The Middle (The Girl loves it)
  • Samantha Who?
  • Masterchef Australia (I hate hate hate it, but The Man & Girl love it)
  • Grandma’s House
  • Him & Her
  • Only Connect
  • Merlin (for The Girl)

There’s obviously been other stuff over the various seasons – The Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, 30 Rock, Masterchef, The Restaurant, America’s Next Top Model, Great British Menu, QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks – OK, so I’m a sucker for cooking comps and comedy panel shows!

There’s probably others that I can’t think of at the moment, but that just about sums it all up off the top of my head!  Embarrassing?  i don’t watch any soaps, BB type things or XFactor, Strictly stuff, so it can’t be that bad, can it?