bad morning

I could've done with one of those this morning!

It’s now well into the afternoon, and I have only just managed to take some painkillers to get rid of the headache that I have had since before I left home this morning.

The insomnia that I wrote about before still hasn’t abated – so my overwhelming tiredness is still dominating everything.  this was aggravated on Tuesday night by a burglar alarm going off somewhere for about 20 minutes, and then last night cos The Man obvioulsy didn’t shut the lounge door properly and the cat started miaowing outside our bedroom door at about 3am!  Bloody animal is lucky it didn’t get kicked.  I had to let her in and then put up with her purring on my head and making herself comfortable *sigh*

Anyway, I am finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed but eventually dragged myself out and was confronted with a nowhere near ready for school girl and a shouty man.

She’d got all her stuff out for school, but was on a complete go-slow and was suddenly more worried about putting her uniform away for tomorrow than putting on what she was meant to be wearing right then!  Everything was just too much effort, and she was stroppy and stampy and just not at all like herself.

When we asked her what was wrong, why she was acting like this, it was all flounces and killer looks, so eventually The Man rushed off to work, leaving me with a sullen child, a headache forming and a real need to just crawl back into bed.  I tried the ‘softly’ tactic to make sure that she wasn’t worried about something and I still got all the attitude, so I walked off to get ready, but then she started welling up with tears (even though she swore blind that she wasn’t crying) so i asked her again why she was acting this way and she said she didn’t know.

By that time she had to rush off to go to school, so I gave her a kiss and hug, told her I loved her and she started welling up AGAIN!  So I quickly said goodbye and shut the door, as I didn’t want her to get into a bad teary state and have red eyes in front of her school friends.

I’m not sure if she even had her lanyard on, as I can’t remember seeing it.  And if she didn’t, she’ll get an hour’s detention.  😦  I feel like a terrible mother.  And i’ve been feeling like a terrible mother recently anyway.

After she went, I thought about how she was acting, and all I can come up with is that I think she might be hormonal.  It’s to be expected I guess, and she will act unreasonable, and in ways that even confuse herself.  I rang The Man and told him what I thought.

Tonight we will give her a bit more leeway I think.


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  1. Oh bless her, sounds VERY familiar! Rads summed it up one day a couple of years back “sometimes I feel like I hate you but have no idea why!”

    She’s only totally unreasonable around 2 days a month, then tearful a week later!


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