la cérémonie – france (1995)

La Cérémonie

It was quite fitting that I watched this film last night, but a little bit spooky.

I finished watching it, came back online and the first article that I read (from a completely unrelated source) informed me that the film’s very respected director Claude Chabrol just died that day.

The film is a Hitchcock-esque thriller (ish) which is apparently based on a book by Ruth Rendell (so it said at the beginning, but I haven’t bothered to look up what book that might be!)

It’s a very soft-feeling story of a well-to-do family who live in a pretty isolated house out of town and have got to the point where they feel they need to hire a housemaid.  Along comes Sophie who is “…rather odd, but really quite a treasure…”

Sophie has her secrets, but soon becomes firm friends with the post-mistress who the family strongly dislike, and has secrets of her own.

The film seems to plod along quite sedately, slowly building the characters up for the finale, which completely took me by surprise.  But it left me wanting to see more, which can only be a good thing.

My rating – 8/10

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