soul identity – dennis batchelder

Soul Identity

I got this book as it was free on Kindle and I wanted an easy ‘filler’ before I started my Reading Group book which I expected to be heavy going (and it is!).

If I had the opportunity to go to a beach, I think this would be a perfect beach book.  It doesn’t take too much thought, it is fast-paced and there are lots of little plot twists and turns.

However, the characters are a bit two dimensional, so it’s difficult to care too much about their fates.

The opening chapter is brilliant – I was totally intrigued, which could be why I sped through the rest of the book.

It’s difficult to stick this in a specific genre, it’s a thriller of types, but also has slight sci-fi elements to it.  the basis is that there is an identifier in people’s eyes that only occurs in one person alive at any time – giving  non-hereditory ‘generations’.

I think the thriller element was more important than the sci-fi, which was very intriguing and I don’t think it was explored as much as it could have been.  However, there is a sequel (Soul Intent which is apparently £1.75, so I could be swayed!) and perhaps the sci-fi is persued further in this.

Good easy read!


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