three men in a boat – jerome k jerome

Three Men In A Boat

Or to give it it’s full title – Three Men In A Boat: To Say Nothing Of The Dog.

I love this book.  I loved it the first time I read it, when I was about 12.

I also had it on audiobook, read by Hugh Laurie, who had the perfect voice for it, so perfect that while I was just reading this, I kept ‘hearing’ it read by the Prince from Black Adder the Third!

That definitely didn’t harm this gorgeous 1889 classic though as it has such a feeling of light-hearted well-to-do Victorian bachelor frivolity.

Jerome K Jerome’s self-portrayal  ‘J’ is a quintessentially English gent, on a fortnight’s boat trip up the Thames with his two best friends (JKJ replaced his wife, who he actually did the trip with as their honeymoon, with characters based on his own friends).  It is a gentle, charming tale of friendship, supper, hyperchondria, a fox-terrier called Montmorency and doesn’t just tell the story of their trip, but includes lots of asides – little comical stories relevant to the narrative.

Everyone should read this book – it may be over 120 years old, but the humour is spot on…I was annoying myself with the amount of times I snorted uncontrollably with laughter.  Simply perfect – and perfectly simple 🙂


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