he loves me, he loves me not – france (2002)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

All girls like a good chick flick, but this isn’t all that it seems.

The always charming Audrey Tautou plays Angelique, a young art student who is in love with a married doctor – all very French!

However, this is a love story told from two sides.  The first half of the film is shown from Angelique’s point of view.  It focuses on her growing frustration as Loic refuses to leave his wife and starts failing to turn up to see her etc.

Halfway through the film an important event occurs and then we rewind back to the beginning, but this time seeing the story from Loic’s viewpoint – and that is when everything starts to fall into place.

What at first seems to be a well-written love story soon proves to have much more depth, be far more captivating and is far more clever than your average love story.

My rating – 8/10


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