walking in pimlico – ann featherstone

Walking In Pimlico

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of  this book sent to me by the author to review (which was nice!) and was rushing through the awful Like Bees To Honey so that I could read it.

If you like your Victorian romps, then you’ll love this book as that is exactly what it is.  It definitely isn’t a ‘murder-mysetry’ though, as the murderer is revealed in the second chapter…although all is not as it seems, so it is more of a murder-thriller.

There are two voices used to tell the story throughout the book, and one of these is the one that starts the story – that of Corney Sage, a proper chirpy chappy Londoner type.  An orphaned, carrot-topped comedian, clog-dancer and clown whose life revolves around his shows and the theatre/circus life.

At first, I found his ‘voice’ a little hard to get into – but that only lasted a few pages, and then I was immersed.

In the true style of Victorian romps, there was enough carriage travel, hurried letters, acquiring rooms etc to give a real feeling of movement around the country.

I loved the twist in the tale which keeps things interesting all the way through.  I’ll definitely look out for any more of Ann Featherstone’s books – in fact it looks like there’s one coming out soon!


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