“I had a call from myself just before I left”

When I think of time-travel films, I tend to think of slick, high-budget, special-effect rich offerings, but this Spanish film is completely the opposite.

With a cast of just four, and covering an area not much more than a couple of miles, this is a very simple but intelligent and thought-provoking film.

Hector and his wife have just moved into their new house, and while he is settling in, he looks through his binoculars to survey his new surroundings, and sees a young woman slowly removing her top in the nearby woodland.  He looks again, but she has disappeared, although he thinks he can see other movement.  Intrigued, he goes to investigate and finds himself embroiled in a nightmare.

The plot is intriguing, the sinister deja vu is fantastically crafted – and personally I had to stop thinking too much and just enjoy it, as I kept thinking “But, if he did that then, would that have happened in the future/past?”

My rating:  8/10