no cat lady

Sometimes I have to stoop to her level

I am allergic to my cat.

I am currently sitting here with a pile of soggy tissues and eyes that are twice their usual size.  All this just because my stupid cat is being particularly soppy and wont leave me alone tonight.  It’s all very cute, but is making me feel like absolute crap.

Why would I have a cat if I’m allergic to them?  Well, I don’t think I was when I first got her.  And I have had her for a LONG time!  I think she was 20 in June, which is pretty old for a moggy, I believe – and I have had her since she was 5 weeks old.

She didn’t used to like people at all, apart from me, but over the past 5 years or so, she has really softened and will now happily sit on anyone’s lap.  She’s also got far more clingy with me and The Man – she wants to be with us, round us, ON us all the bloody time.  Which is sweet, but plays absolute havoc with my sinuses.

And I don’t even like cats.  I don’t like other people’s cats (apart form the one next door that has taken a shine to me).  I think that was why I like Suki so much, she has always been very independent – not needed me at all.  I remember going to Amsterdam for 3 nights over New Year once, and being New Year, noone could come round to feed her.  So I just bunged some food down and left her.  Outside.  She moaned at me a bit when I came home, but was absolutely fine.

I think that’s one of the reasons she’s lasted so long – she doesn’t rely on me.  She very obvioulsy loves me to pieces, but she is capable of looking after herself – she catches at least one mouse or rat every week.  Which she insists on being congratulated for.

My new next door neighbours put up a 6ft fence soon after they moved in, and she is still managing to get over that AND come back with her choice of rodent lunch!

I have no idea when she is going to expire – every now and then she looks like she might, and then suddenly she’ll run and jump and catch something tasty.  her eyes are bright, her fur is thick and glossy, her hearing is perfect…but she has shrunk, she’s a bit bony, I can feel her spine, she stumbles slightly occasionally.

I will miss her, but I wont miss my nose being like Niagra Falls.  I wa snever expecting her to last this long.  I was hoping I’d have been able to get a dog by now.  I’m going to have to give her an extra cuddle now and swell my eyes a little more just to counteract that comment, LOL


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