The Bad Book Club

Many of you already know that I have spent almost 20 years in the charity retail sector.  Not exactly the most glamorous area to be in, but certainly one of the most fun and challenging!

This year, at the annual conference for the sector, Robin Ince was the guest speaker at the awards ceremony, and he brought along a box of books that formed part of the content for his “Bad Book Club” book and show.

His commentary and extract-reading from these books were hysterical and because they were all found in charity shops, very relevant!

Who wouldn’t want to diet using the reverant “What Would Jesus Eat?” or want to leaf through the pages of “How To Pick Up Sexy Girls”?

Have you studied the perfect formula and sub-genres to find the perfect Mills & Boon?  Have you ever even read  Mills & Boon?  (because I am yet to meet anyone who has admitted it to me!)

Ince has found a huge wealth of material in charity shops across the country, and his take on them had me giggling to myself for ages – from a book of fantasies of long-forgotten 70s stars of the day to totally non-PC books on how to look after dwarf rabbits to such titles as “Love In A Private Zoo”.  What booklove wouldn’t be drawn in?

The only problem I have with this book is that I now want to experience all these awful tomes for myself!