conversations with my daughter – now by text!

Steady as she goes...

The Girl has been away for over a week with my ex-in laws…and wont be back for another week.  I am missing her like crazy.

This week, they have been staying with a friend and her granddaughter who is the same age as The Girl at a caravan site in Kent.  She’s been having a whale of a time.

Today I had a very typical conversation by text with her, that amused me muchly.

TG:  I went ice skating!

Me:  Excellent.  Did you fall over?

TG:  No!!!!!!!

Me:  Well done then.  No cold wet bum for you.

TG:  I also did loads of moves

Me:  Get you little miss smarty pants

TG:  I was really good!

Modesty does not sit well with my daughter,


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