I used to like having an office crush 🙂

This week has been a bit of an odd one for me.  Actually, the last 3-4 weeks have been a little odd for me, and I have got loads of things that I keep meaning to post, but haven’t had a chance to – that’s part of what’s made everything a bit odd!

Anyway, on Thursday, my boss took me into the meeting room, sat me down and told me that we had a new member of staff starting on Monday.  This is good news, because not only are they working with me on my project, which means they see it as an area of investment, I used to work with him for around 5 years which ended about 11 years ago.

He is a laugh.  He’s a bit of a wide boy, which is great for his area of expertise.  He’s intelligent, sociable, fun, a total pisshead, gets the job done, gossips like a fishwife and Oh My God did I used to have a massive crush on him!!

It’s not bad  really – in 22 years of working (yes, really), I have only ever had 4 office crushes that I can think of.  And I married one of those!

With this guy, I have a lot of fond memories of a really really fun time – I even remember smoking a joint with him, lying on a bed in a hotel room in Newquay.  Ahhhh….good times.

So, I wasn’t even in the office on Monday as I’d taken it off to recover from being at Lovebox Fri-Sun…but first thing Tuesday morning, there we were, giggling at each other because it all seems so silly that we’re working together again.

I’m very happy – the past couple of days have lifted my already fantastic work life.  The Man even met him on Tuesday as he was in on in a consultancy capacity.  Life is good.  I feel young again 😀

And then I remember that I have a daughter who finishes primary school tomorrow for good.  I’m a lot older than I feel!