It seems an absolute age since I have had a chance to write here…and not through laziness but the complete opposite.  I have never been so busy!

At home, it’s been pretty chaotic.  The Girl has finally had her cast off, exposing her little white arm – and it’s been healing fine.  The week before she had it off, I took her round to her boxing club to ask whether they felt she’d be able to start up – and they said “It will be great for her to come, help with the healing”, so she actually went back on Monday – the day before she had her cast off.  she was so happy to go AND she was top of the class that day too, so she was doubly happy.  they were really pleased to have her back, showing up all the boys that are a year or so older than her 🙂

I’ve also been racing around the country as I was preparing (and then attending) the annual conference for the Association of Charity Shops at Keele University.  Preparation for that meant trips to Dorking and Hockley and a hell of a lot of hard work.

And then manning a stand for two days, attending an awards dinner and doing a LOT of demos of my new venture (which went down very well!).  I’ve worked in the charity retail sector for around 20 years now, and although it doesn’t sound very interesting, I am extremely passionate about it all, and I now know so many people that attend events like that it was just a big social jolly once I was there!  as for anything, it’s the journey that’s tedious, but the arrival is a relief.

Something else that has taken up a lot of my time is the fact that my dad has been very poorly for over  a month now.  He has a massive problem with his back, and he can barely walk.  He finally managed to get an MRI scan when I was at my friend’s wedding and they have found that he has swollen nodules that have appeared on his spine, and one of them is pressing directly into his sciatic nerve – so he is in constant agony.  He is currently waiting for an appointment with a consultant.

This has the added difficulty that my mum doesn’t drive, they live in the middle of nowhere and my mum refuses to order groceries online as she simply has to squeeze everything before she buys.   So obviously I have been going over there and helping out as much as possible.

Also, it is the last couple of weeks of The Girl being at primary school, so we have had the whole school transition thing going on.  Attended Parent Interviews, Open Days, Transition Day as well as the usual primary Parent Review, Sports Day etc etc.  We have another one coming up on Thursday to see them get awards at Leyton Orient for a special scheme she was picked for and did for 10 weeks.  She’s also had things going on with Guides and is away at Guide Camp this weekend – funnily enough the one I used to go to as a Brownie/Guide which was one of the weirdest things as it’s about 4 roads away from my parents!

So, a good excuse for not having been around very much, I think.  I have a couple of reviews to write today as well, and I also want to add to my articles on Fortitude.

Maybe my chilling is still going to be busy, LOL


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  1. Boxing with a cast on is just cheating.
    And remind me not to follow your mother down the pie section if she’s going to squeeze them all.

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