who’s the daddy?

He's the #1 daddy 🙂

Today is Father’s Day in the UK.  I wont be seeing my dad today, but I saw him yesterday.

Unfortunately he’s not too good at the moment.  In fact he can’t really get downstairs, and my mum has had to set him up in their spare bedroom as it’s closer to the loo.

He had a bad back for a while, and then found out that he has sciatica, which was giving him some gip but wasn’t TOO bad.  And then about 3 weeks ago, he stumbled when he was going down a high step and jarred himself.  He’s been in A&E, at the osteopath and been in constant pain.

As of Friday it’s been even worse.  They want to give him an MRI scan, but because he had a knee op last year, and the pain is shooting down his left leg, they can’t put him in the scanner cos of the metal in his knee!

Argh!  As i’m an over-emotional bint, I’ve had a little tear to myself about seeing my dad in so much pain, when there is nothing I can do to help him (apart from take my mum shopping, which I did for hours yesterday).

Anyway, on Friday night, I wrote another article for Fortitude in anticipation of Father’s Day and in celebration of my wonderful dad.  And I’ve got on the Front Page again, which I am so happy about, considering the content.

Here’s my article. ***UPDATE 19th June 2011***  There seems to be a lot of traffice to this post recently for some reason, and unfortunately, Fortitude is no more.  Boo!  But I have now found my original copy of my article and have posted it here!!! – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2011!!!***

And a Happy Father’s Day to all the deserving dads out there.


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