Being Committed - Anna Maxted

This was another book that I found in my bookcase a couple of months ago that I have never read before.

Oddly, it had a big 3 for $50 label on the front and was priced up at $22.50.  Again, it didn’t have a charity shop price, and I have never been to the US, so I have no idea where it came from. However, I was surprised at how much it cost in the US!

Anyway, from the cover, I knew that it was going to be a run of the mill chick-lit story, but was actually surprised by the relative depth of writing.  There seemed to be a lot more layers to it than your average chick-lit.

Hannah’s long-term boyfriend proposes and throws her life into turmoil as the idea of marriage hasn’t even crossed her mind.  Grappling with the fact that she obviously has commitment issues, she is forced to face her past and try to get some closure on events in both her childhood and more recently.

I could really relate to the character of Hannah, even though I strongly deny being a commitophobe the many times I have been accused of it by The Man (and yes, he really does frequently accuse me of it!).

As I was reading, I could understand the decisions Hannah was making, or the feelings she was having, even though I didn’t necessarily agree with them!

A nice light read with a few hidden depths.  Easy to get through on the tube.  And it didn’t make me feel guilty at all.  honest!