Just get on with it!

I am impatient.  I think most people are.  I am impatient to find things out.  When i am waiting to hear the outcome of a situation, I get agitated, antsy, over-energetic and often tearful.  I can deal with bad news way better than I can deal with waiting for it!

At the moment, I am sitting at my desk with the occasional escapee tear rolling down my cheek, for no good reason really.

The Girl went off to her million pigs this morning and everything was good.  her dad was picking her up from school, and the weekend would be spent between me being on call, and watching the World Cup.

So, almost 2 hours ago, The Man calls me with a starting phrase of  “Now, don’t worry but…” – one of the worst phrases you can hear over the phone.

The Girl has managed to fall during a hurdle race and the organisers and teachers think she may have broken her arm.  So, at that time, they were on their way to A&E at Whipps Cross.  I immediately fluster, and The Man says “Don’t worry – they’re not convinced she’s broken it, and the ambulance at the event say it’s just a precaution, so I’ll go down to Whipps and find out what’s happened,  you stay there until we know what we’re dealing with”.  Which was sensible, because if they just say “Nah, it’s a bruise/sprain” she’d go home, and I’d be there almost they same time as they’d get there, but if she had to have a cast etc I could make my way there and be there for her.

Except things do go that easily.  The Man got there over an hour ago, and I haven’t heard from him since.  And obviously his phone is turned off in the hospital.  And her dad went to the school, and i had to tell him what’s happened.  Although I was a bit disappointed when he said “Well, if she’s got a bad arm, then we wont be able to do anything I had planned, so maybe I should just go home”.  So, in other words, if she’s not fully functioning, she’s of no use.

My thoughts were that if a sling or cast were involved, I wanted her at home, but if she’d just hurt it then she couold go with him.

So I am sitting here, worrying, and the longer I wait, the more I convince myself that she’s splintered the bone, it’s gone round her blood stream into her brain and she’s dead.  well, maybe not quite that bad, but you know what it’s like when it’s your kid.

In the meantime, all I can do is wait…badly.