petit mal, race horse company

Petri, Rauli and Kalle

I was looking for some things to do with The Girl last week, and found a show that I thought she’s enjoy.  Unfortunately it started Friday night, and ended tonight – which was a weekend she was with her dad.  I begged and pleaded and he agreed to drop her to me at the Southbank this afternoon so that I could take her.

One of the best £22.50 (for both of us) that I have spent.

If you get a chance, do go and see these three amazingly talented Finnish guys (especially if you have kids).  Petit Mal by the Race Horse Company is cool, ‘urban’, humourous and simply breathtaking.  we saw it in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, which I haven’t been to for years.

The three performers come from different backgrounds – one studied contemporary circus and specialises in the Chinese pole (red trousers in the photo) – he can do amazing things, holding incredible poses and free-falling down the pole from a great height to stop just an inch or two from the ground.  Another is a former Finnish breakdancing champion and has combined this with an art of falling (you have to watch the video to understand).  The last specialises in trampoline acrobatics, which converts to huge bouncy balls too.

I can hardly describe it.  The Girl was mesmerised and shouted, clapped, whooped and got completely over-excited.  there were a few minutes that were a bit slow, but I think that was to incorporate the fact that they really are a young, 3 man show and had to set everything up in-between sequences, so tried to put some ‘filler’ in whilst they were doing it – but i don’t think they’ve quite perfected it yet.

I’d love to see how they develop their skills – and will definitely be taking The Girl to see them again.

as I couldn’t really describe it – just watch the video to get a small flavour of the show.


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