My body goes into shock just looking at this!

I was watching BBC Breakfast this morning, and they had the amazing (stupid) Lewis Gordon Pugh on (promoting his new book I believe).

Anyway, this guy is an ‘Extreme Swimmer’ and can apparently manage this as he is able to control his own body temperature.

And he has recently swum across Pumori Lake which is 17,000ft up Everest.  According to him, it was harder than swimming in the Antartic and at the North Pole (?!?!?) because of the atmospheric pressure which obviously makes it hard to breathe, so he couldn’t attack the water and go very quickly like he usually does – not only was it freezing, but he had to go slowly.

So, suited idiot on Breakfast asked: “So, you actually manage to reduce your own body temperature to be able to complete these feats – is that a case of mind over matter?”

Lewis:  “Yes, it’s completely mental…”

I didn’t need to hear any more – he’d just summed it up!