Pretending to be a zombie can be a good thing...

So this morning, The Girl decided to pretend to be a zombie.

First of all, apparently her legs didn’t work, so she was dragging herself across the floor.

The Man:  Get off the floor

The Girl:  i can’t get off the floor

The Man:  you can if you stand up

The Girl: My feet would still be on the floor – anyway, i’m not ON the floor

The Man:  really – cos it sure looks like you are

The Girl:  Really.  My clothes are on the floor, but my skin isn’t.  except my hands.

*lunges at the Man’s legs*

The Girl:  Chomp, chomp. chomp – I’m going to make you a Zombie

The Man:  Get off, idiot child.

The Girl:  Chomp, chomp, chomp

The Man *running away*:  Get OFF me!!

The Girl:  CHOMP!!

The Man:  Leave me alone, or I’ll hit you with…with…*looks around*…a cat!

The Girl:  COOL!! I think i’d like to be hit with a cat.  Could I make her a zombie too?  i’ve never seen a zombie cat.

Me:  You’ve seen a lot of human zombies then?

The Girl:  Oh duh!  Yes!!  *sigh*