The metallic versions

So, the new Olympic 2012 mascots were unveiled yesterday – and there seems to have been uproar over the internet about them.  apparently they’re shit, they’re cheap, they’re tacky, and people are generally hating them.

WTF?  What is wrong with them?  What the hell were people expecting?  they’re mascots – does everyone expect us to have a bloody teddy bear or something?  What are mascots for even that people are getting so riled about.  Name me the mascots from previous Olympics!

Personally, I think that they are pretty cute, and also very accessible for people from all over the world.  I know that the Girl thought that this video introducing them was brilliant.

And if you read a little more about the designs, I think they start to make more sense.

Bless Wenlock & Mandeville – they were never going to please everyone, but I think they’re great!  I especially like the Union Jack skins)

UK skins