the body farm – patricia cornwell

The Body Farm - Patricia Cornwell

I finished reading this last week, but haven’t written anything about it yet.  And there’s probably a reason for that.

I finished my last book on my way to work, so popped out at lunchtime to the charity shops to buy myself a ‘filler’ book as I hate not reading on the Tube.

There actually wasn’t much calling out to me, but this one was in good nick, and I hadn’t read it (even though it’s very old).

It’s a Kay Scarpetta book (no surprises there) and I think that might actually be what the problem was – there were no surprises.  The whole story was really…’Blah’. It was odd going back in time, but various things being written about as if they were cutting edge (eg ‘Electronic Mail’) and there are so many instances when you just want to shout “Use your mobile!!!” but of course they didn’t have them.

But that aside, the whole thing just lacked depth, which considering it deals with the murder of a young schoolgirl, you’d think that it would want to draw you in more emotionally. (Especially with me being the mother of a young schoolgirl).

Blah.  Very blah.


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