how mysterious

My ticket to my own Twilight Zone

Something a little odd seemed to happen to me on Thursday.  I am currently reading this very ‘other’ book which is really good (I’ll review once I’ve finished) but deals with the weird, mysterious things that happen to a guy who is cabbing in Brighton.

Firstly, I have started playing an online war game (yes, I know – geek!) and om Wednesday I joined an alliance called Myrmidons – I am not ashamed to say that I have no idea what that is, I have never heard the word before, but due to the type of game, I’m assuming it’s something linked to the Greeks, a little like Sparta.

Anyway, I picked the book up on Thursday and the first thing that I noticed was that the publisher was Myrmidon Publishing…”How strange”, I thought.  I also noticed that the book is signed by the author (I assume it’s really his signature anyway!) and I hadn’t noticed that before. (Unless The Man has been pretend-signing all of my books and trying to sell them on eBay without me knowing).   To be quite honest, I don’t even know where I got the book from.  I’ve seen it in my bookcase for ages, and thought it was The Man’s but he said it isn’t his kind of thing, and anyway, it was published in 2008 and *I* have bought all of his books since then.

That’s not SO unusual though – I’ve been through my bookcases recently and pulled out 3 or 4 books that i don’t remember buying and definitely haven’t read yet.  But this one hasn’t even come from a charity shop (which the others usually have) – there’s no penciled price, sticker etc and the spine isn’t broken.  Odd.

So, I read it on the Tube on the way to work on Thursday, and then on my way home again, I got it out of my bag and went to read it again.  now, I love reading but don’t treat my books with much respect…I break the spines, I read them in the bath and most importantly, I don’t use a bookmark – I turn the corners over (shock, horror!).

So, I looked for the turned over corner, and there wasn’t one.  “How strange” I thought.  So I tried to find the page I was on.  Which I found…with a train ticket in it.  “How strange”  thought.  Then I looked at the ticket – Surbiton to Vauxhall.  A journey I have never made.  “How strange” I thought.  And then I looked at the date.  4 Jun 08  “How strange” I thought.

Now – how the hell did it get there.  if it had already been n the book, i would have seen it in the morning as it was on the right page.  It hadn’t been in my handbag as I’ve only had that bag for a year. Where did it dome from!!!

As you can tell, this little mystery has got to me a bit, LOL

Oh yes, and when I put it a few pages backward to carry on reading the book, I got to the exact page I’d put it in when I got off the train.  I think the ticket is some kind of personal magical bookmark.  Eek!


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  1. I’d like to introduce you to Sonia, a Londoner who enjoys simple pleasures- good music, friends, zombie porn, vodka and a good book. Up until a few weeks ago, Sonia has lived a pretty normal life until she found a spot on her bum, something that has never happened to her before. A minor annoyance or a visitor perhaps with an important message? Could the mysterious clues she’s now finding be mere coincidence or the start of a mind-twisting journey into space and time?

    The station is up ahead. Sonia’s next stop, The Twilight Zone.

    1. OMG!!! You have totally nailed it. have you ever read Infected? It’s crap but compelling – and it starts with triangular lesions..i didn’t get to see what shape the ‘spot’ on my bum was!! eek!!!

  2. That is really creepy.

    I once took a book off my bookshelf that I’d never read and found a photo of me and my grandfather inside…. this was just a couple of weeks after he died. I’d never seen the photo before, had no idea I had it or how it go there. Weird.

  3. That is sweet. I’ve always believed in an afterlife and that those who pass on can find ways of communicating/comforting us.

    As for Infected, never heard of it, but it reminds me of a movie I just watched called The Objective where aliens have weird triangular spaceships or something!

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