my million dollar baby

C'mon, put 'em up!

The Girl is rather weedy.  I guess if she had more grace and co-ordination, I would get away with calling her ‘willowy’.  But she hasn’t.  Neither of them.  she is long-limbed and slender, but has the co-ordination of someone with inner-ear problems, the grace of a wild boar and as much elegance as John Prescott.

So, she’s weedy.  Although saying that, she’s quite strong for her size.  She’s also got problems with the Queen Bitch in her class that I’ve mentioned before, and there’s a small part of me (that often hides behind the non-violent part of me) that wants her to leave that school in July having decked the vile little creature.

So, yesterday she started boxing lessons 😀  No, really, there’s a proper boxer’s gym round the corner from us, and they do some lessons for kids, and I asked her if she fancied it, and she was well up for it.

Last night was her first lesson, and OMG she LOVED it.  she was absolutely raving about it – telling me all the different exercises they were doing, and about the guy teaching them (a proper boxer-type trainer bloke – really looks and sounds the part), and about a boy who’s started at the same time as her, so they’re doing it together (but he’s younger).

There are a few girls older than her that have been doing it for a while, so hopefully she’ll keep at it, and keep on enjoying it.  It might teach her more co-ordination than the few street dance lessons she had a few years ago.  I used to stand outside, looking through the studio window absolutely cracking up cos she had no control of her arms and legs.  Occasionally I’d even bring along a friend so that they could have a giggle too.  That all stopped when her dad started having her friday nights rather than during the week, and the lessons were saturday mornings.  She really wasn’t bothered about not going any more, LOL

She loves swimming class every week, and is way better than she used to be, but has a real problem listening to what people tell her – or at least doing what people tell her to do, so she’s not progressed as much as I’d have liked her to.

So, now she has swimming on Thursdays, Guides on wednesdays and boxing on Mondays – a way more busy social life than I have!  Although I am now starting to ponder the idea of teaching her how to fight just before becoming a teenager.  I’m sure she’ll even be able to make punching seem really girlie and pink though.


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